What is self-empathy?


Self-empathy is not about feeling sorry for yourself or about sympathizing with yourself. It is also not the practice of trying to love yourself or understanding why you behave the way you do.

Self-empathy is simply the practice of listening to yourself. It is when an aspect of yourself listens to another aspect of yourself in an empathic way. You are being self empathetic when one part of you is listening for the feelings and needs of another part of you. The part that is being listened to is the part that is experiencing the emotion.

The idea is that this listening should happen free of judgement. Theoretically, this makes sense, and yet, in practice, it is a little challenging to effectively pull off. 

In this module, I will share with you some of the challenges I experienced in connecting to myself empathically. In the following modules, I will share with you step by step the techniques I learned to listen to myself and navigate my inner world with greater ease.

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