Does this sound like you?

  • You are often aware of other people's needs, but struggle to connect to your own needs.
  • You secretly feel anxious and insecure in social situations even though no-one would have guessed that.
  • You enjoy connecting deeply to your own inner world, and value doing the inner work, but you find it hard to go deep or get to the core of things when you’re on your own.
  • You feel a sense of loneliness on the path, as you spend hours in silence without anyone there to really listen to what it is that you are experiencing.
  • You have heard about the power of the Dyad practice and would like to learn how to Dyad.

If any of the above are true for you, then you have come to the right place!

Hi, we are Nic and Sarah and we are excited to share the Dyad Process with you!

Dyad meditation has been a precious tool in our personal evolution.

We both started to use this process in 2013 and have since been practicing and offering Dyads in South Africa and in Europe.

Dyads originated out of a combination of Advaita contemplations and Zen Sesshin in the 1980s. Dyads are used worldwide as a tool to attain enlightenment or awakening.

We share the Dyad process as it was developed by CNVC facilitators Robert Gonzales and Robert Maoz Kržišnik.

The Dyad process has supported us both to:

  • develop an intimate connection with our own needs while in relationship with others.
  • explore consciousness at an even greater level of depth than through other contemplative practices.
  • stay focused, even when the mind is a raging river of thoughts and images.
  • transform social anxiety by offering a safe container to explore our fear of contact with others.
  • experience the safety to explore Life while in connection with others.

Sarah: "Dyads have been one of my ultimate support strategies when I was going through crisis moments in my life (like my challenging divorce, whew!) I would notice a lot of tension, sadness or feeling generally disconnected (dissociating) or depressed.

Whenever I noticed that I was shutting down, I would reach out to the Dyad meditation community and there would usually be someone keen to explore a Dyad question with me.

By the end of each Dyad I would experience a heart-opening shift within myself. A lot of clarity emerged, presence to myself, and the courage to take the next step. And, although the other person was often a complete stranger, by the end of 40 minutes, I would be full of love and gratitude for being alive.

I often find it challenging to take the time for self-connection on my own, especially when there is something painful going on. The Dyad structure offered space to welcome whatever was under the surface, without receiving unsolicited advice or having to explain anything. There was a sense of companionship and a relief to experience that I was not alone...

This was a complete game-changer!

And to top it off, by being present to them, I had simultaneously contributed to my Dyad partner's wellbeing. Dyads have opened up the possibility of feeling truly at home within myself, centered, connected to my own needs while engaging with other human beings. That's pretty big for people-pleaser me!"

So Why Dyad?

  • The Dyad format brings a powerful focus to the here and now.
  • The clear structure means that you will have space to connect to what is going on for you without being influenced by other people.
  • You will learn to live in a way that is true to yourself, while in community and connecting with others.
  • Develop the capacity to embrace all sensations and welcome all experiences so that you meet life with greater equanimity and compassion.
  • You will feel more alive and openhearted.

This Course Includes

  • 7 short explanatory video clips (including a demo)
  • A downloadable chart offering an overview of the Dyad process
  • Tips for the person exploring and for the witness
  • An extensive list of Dyad inquiry questions designed to support relaxing into the present moment
  • Some historical background to the Dyad process and how it evolved to the way we offer it

Note: Set aside about 45-60 minutes to complete this course.

Through Dyads you will...

  • Deepen your connection to yourself and life.
  • Experience a meditation practice that supports staying fully present with your inner world.
  • Learn how you can stay focused like never before by developing your capacity for mindfulness through Dyad meditation.

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We have lovingly put together this course as a gift, to share the joy of Dyads with you.

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Dyad Retreat Reflections

Watch this video in which a few participants share about their experiences at the end of a 3-day Dyad retreat.