Ultimately learning Nonviolent Communication (NVC) is not so much about understanding the components of a model, but about integrating an awareness, embodying it. Just like we can read all about swimming, we will have no idea what that's like until we get in the water. NVC is a way of life.

This e-book is intended as a useful reference for all those beginning to grapple with the key concepts of NVC or looking for ways to explain it. For those wanting to put it into practice, I hope you'll join us in one of our courses, workshops, retreats or coaching sessions. Dip in! :)



 I learned a lot from this! Some significant ‘lightbulb moments’! I would highly recommend this as pre-reading for the Foundation course. It gave me a bit more of an overview of what NVC is, the details of which I would learn in the online course.

Tanya Davies