"The NVC practice group is a space where I can truly be held in what ever I am feeling on that day, be it joy or pain. The result of this is a sense of peace and safety in a community of like minded people, and a celebration in giving the same to others." - Bronwyn Ellis

4-Week NVC Practice Group

Come and join a group of dedicated NVC practitioners

Would you enjoy some support to integrate what you have learned during our NVC courses in daily life situations? Perhaps you long for a community of fellow practitioners who are also on this journey of learning?

This practice group is for you if

  • you would like a safe space to experiment with expressing yourself in difficult conversations
  • you would like to hone your skills in honest self expression
  • you are needing a space for community, learning, growth and connection
  • You would like to sharpen your ability to get clear about what is going on inside of you

Each session will be devoted to practice. We will start with a short check-in and end with a check-out

The bulk of the session will take place in small groups in break-out rooms. Here you will have an opportunity to practice applying the skills that you have learnt.

Your Facilitator: Jacqui Roche

Hi! I am Jacqui. I am a mother of two girls and a sharer of Nonviolent Communication. I have been teaching NVC since 2019 in Cape Town, South Africa. My journey of life is driven by my hearts longing to be in love with all of life – including people exactly as they are. My life’s work is to connect to the compassionate centre within my being – and bring forth the expression of love that wants to emerge from this place. NVC for me is magical world of the power of this love. I also strengthen my capacity for absorbing the mystery of life by working with the sacred plant medicines gifted to the planet as well the power of prayer and the power of the sangha ( which I see as the wisdom inherent in others) I offer plant medicine integration sessions, NVC trainings for groups and organizations, and attending trainings to deepen my relationship to the energy of love and compassion.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is there a prerequisite to joining this Practice Group?

Yes, you need to have completed at least an NVC Foundation (12 hours) course or training. Please be in touch with us should you need clarity or support to determine if you qualify to join.

Are practice group calls recorded?

No, these are not recorded at all. You must join live to experience and participate in the practice group.

Will I need to attend all the sessions?

We have a preference that you attend every session, for a number of reasons:

  • The sessions build on each other and missing a session may make participating in the exercises challenging.
  • The presence of all participants contributes to group safety, motivation, building trust and community.

What if I miss a session?

Life happens and you may need to miss a meeting. You will unfortunately miss the opportunity to practice and experience the methods for yourself. If possible, please let us know if you will not be in attendance.

Will there be any teachings?

There will be an explanation of each week's practice, and perhaps a demo. The bulk of time you will be in a breakout room with a partner to practice the exercises.

Annika (Sweden)

I kept being amazed by the palpable emotional shift in the whole group that took place every session. We all came together tired and weary, and always emerged radiant, resourced, grateful and love-filled.
I felt so safe to show up fully as me in the group, and fully be with my anger, sadness, and shame around those emotions, as well as my joy and excitement.

Emilia (Italy)

For someone whose battle cry is “independence”, discovering the magic of the group has been a revelation. I felt welcome and accepted. I realize now how much my personal struggles mirror those of others and how powerful it is to practice together.

Corry (Canada)

Joining in for my first NVC practice group I noticed that I felt a little nervous and unsure as it was a new experience for me. Yet, it was a real meeting of hearts/minds collectively to enter into such an empathic space and not only to received empathy but also to give it week by week. This naturally bridged into my daily life at work and with family and my partner as the practiced deepened and opened the empathy within me.

Choose Your Contribution

We are offering this practice group on a donation basis, so it can be accessible to as many people as possible. We ask you to consider which of these amounts you can comfortably contribute, whilst keeping in mind our work is how we cover our basic living costs. We have listed different options below.

"l started this practice group not knowing who the others participants were. I was feeling apprehensive and anxious about it. At the end of every session l felt positively transformed as my needs of connection, empathy and learning were met. I now feel more confident and excited about our next practice sessions." ~ Sonia